The transmitter is the central element in the Integrus system. It accepts analogue or digital input, modulates these signals onto carrier waves and transmits these carrier waves to radiators located in the room. Functions Auxiliary mode for distribution of music to all channels during a break Slave mode for distribution of signals from another transmitter allows multiple rooms to be used Test mode which produces a different frequency tone for each input/channel, with the tone gradually rising as the channels are stepped through Adjustable sensitivity for each input to enable fine tuning of audio levels Built-in mini infrared radiator for audio monitoring Radiator and system status indication via display Each transmitter can be assigned a unique name by the installer for easy identification in a multi-transmitter system Each audio channel can also be assigned a unique name by the installer. These names can be selected from a list of options or entered manually Automatic distribution of emergency messages to all channels Automatic standby/on function Automatic synchronization to the number of channels in use in a DCN system Automatic synchronization of language names in use in a DCN Next Generation system Universal mains power facility allows use worldwide Stylish 19" (2U) housing for tabletop use or rack mounting Handgrips for easy transportation

Bosch 8-Channel Transmitter INT-TX08

Color: Charcoal
  • Controls and Indicators

    • Mains switch on the rear to power on the audio powering switch.
    • Ground-lift switch.
    • Led on the front to show: green (power on), amber (standby), blinking (no connection to the system).
    • Led on the rear to show: green (power availability on each powered socket), red (overload per powered socket).
    • Ethernet led's yellow and amber for each socket.
    • Independent powered sockets; a short circuit on one socket does no influence the other sockets.
    • Supports hot plug and play.


    • 2 three-pole XLR balanced audio line inputs with galvanic separation
    • 8 RCA unbalanced audio line inputs
    • 2 three-pole XLR balanced audio line outputs with galvanic separation
    • 8 RCA unbalanced audio line outputs
    • Mains power supply auto ranging input.
    • 1 socket with Ethernet without power, compatible with RJ45.
    • 3 sockets with Ethernet with high power supply (144 W), compatible with RJ45.
    • 1 socket with Ethernet with low power supply (15 W), compatible with RJ45.

    • Zero network configurations
    • Fully compatible to the Ethernet (IEEE802.3) and OMNEO standard
    • Supports loop through connection with cable redundancy
    • Acoustic feedback suppression, echo cancellation and equalizer
    • Standby mode to be environment friendly